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At Rand Rocket we deliver the best quality, design and cutting edge products to our customers.

Before considering buying your scissors from us we strongly recommend you read our 'Guide for Choosing your Scissors' to ensure you are purchasing the correct tools for your requirements.

Scissor Brands


Tondeo is recognized as one of the leading hairstyling scissors manufacturers worldwide. We offer a solution for all cutting techniques. Our scissors are persuasive both by their technology and their designs; all Tondeo scissors are tailored to the latest fashion trends. We inspire hairdressers all over the world. Whether that is value for money, beginner models or high designed premium scissors.


JAGUAR works intensively on innovations for hairdressing scissors. Jaguar also offers a high-grade range of brushes, and electrical appliances. And with the introduction of the ThermoCut-System, Jaguar TC in 2000, hair cutting has become a wellness treatment.

JAGUAR’s competence is a favourite of professionals in more than 80 countries worldwide.


STR Professional Scissors our house brand scissors come with a choice of 3 different handle shapes to suit all preferences. 

Classic  Design  — level finger rings with slightly widened handles for that traditional classic cutting action.

Offset Design —shortened thumb ring allows for more relaxed working  

Ergonomic Design —shortened thumb ring allows for more relaxed working and improved cutting comfort.

Whichever handle you choose, all STR scissors you will get great performance thanks to the hollow ground cutting edge.

Available sizes vary between 5, 5.5 or 6 inches depending on your choice of handle.

Paul Curtis

I am an international educator covering all aspects of Hairdressing so I need the best tools to work with when demonstrating in a salon/college or on stage.

I have been working with Rand Rocket using Jaguar and Tondeo scissors since 2017 and most recently switched to the new Jaguar J-CUT60li clipper.

I have been cutting hair for over 30 years now and have found the shape, balance and comfort of the scissors when cutting hair is a major help and the sharpness is amazing, many work colleagues change their scissors regularly or have to have sharpened, with both Jaguar and Tondeo my scissors are still as sharp as when they were first used.

I am also completely blown away with the new clipper for my barbering and barbering education and people just love the look, the digital display,the automatic blade changer and various speeds are a complete game changer in clipper work.

Paul Curtis Hairdresser
Paul Curtis

Master Educator for Balmain Hair

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