Streaker Spatulas



Streaker spatulas are hair colouring tools specially designed for highlights, low lights and regrowth

Due to its shape and texture streaker spatulas are ensured to sit comfortably and easily in your hand

Ergonomic handle design – Reduces stress to the arm and shoulder ensuring relaxed and comfortable working

Two rows of teeth – Spaces the hair strands to ensure the whole section is evenly coloured

Concave shaped front teeth – Ensure close to the root, precise colouring

Easy thumb grip – Ensures the correct tension on the hair in the colouring zone for precision colour application


Product Number

When enquiring about a particular product please quote the product number below

Large Spatula + Tint Brush (410001)

Medium Spatula + Tint Brush (410005)

Small Spatula + Tint Brush (410006)

All 3 Spatulas + Brushes (410008)