Streaker Foil

Streaker Foil12


Classic professional premium foil used for highlighting and all colouring application

Designed for single use application Streaker foil is easy to fold and easy to apply

Manufactured to a premium salon quality

All 100m rolls come with a unique built in dispensing system, foil lengths can be customised to suit your client’s needs, which eliminates wastage

Foil is the best material for capturing heat – reduces processing time


Product Number

When enquiring about a particular product please quote the product number below

100m Foil (430020)

250m Foil (430026)

500m Foil (430021)

1000m Foil (430022)

3 x 100m Refill Foil Pack (430023)

Long Foil Strips (430024)

Short Foil Strips (430025)