Scissor Sharpening


Scissor Sharpening

We offer a guaranteed sharpening and setting service for all Rand Rocket Jaguar & Jay2 scissors.

Return you scissors to us – we recommend you use Recorded Delivery Post for security reasons.

We will send them to our German manufacturing plant for servicing by experts. This service usually takes about 4 weeks, could take longer over the Summer & Christmas factory shut down periods.


Service-Check & Care

Service Check

After some time every pair of scissors will lose its initial sharpness – depending on the individual level of use. At Jaguar, your scissors will be serviced and sharpened professionally.


Wipe the blades and pivot area of your Jaguar scissors daily. Then add a drop of Jaguar cleaning oil to the pivot area to achieve an optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to spread the oil.



Ideal tension ensures smooth opening and closing and a soft cutting. Your scissors will cut effectively and comfortably at any desired position or angle, and the edge sharpness will be maximized.

How to test the right tension?
The tension can be tested by opening and closing the scissors carefully. When the tension is set properly, the blades of the scissors should close gently, not fall shut. Hardly any pressure is needed in cutting to close the scissors.
Adjustment of the tension
All Jaguar scissors have patented set screw for fine adjustment of the tension. Please use the enclosed adjustment tool. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the tension or counter-clockwise to loosen it. Then check again for the correct tension.


Service & Sharpening Costs Jaguar

Prestyle Scissors & Thinners – Prestyle, Prestyle Ergo, Prestyle Pink Ergo, Prestyle Relax, Prestyle Slice, High Grades, GT1, Silver Ice, Velvet Editions, Satin, Satin Easy, Satin Lefties £35.00

White Line Scissors & Thinners – Satin Plus, Pastel Plus, T&S, Jaguart,  JP10, Sterling, Multi-coloured, Summer Edition, Jay2 £35.00

Silver Line Scissors & Thinners – Perfects, Keito, Concave Silver,Blue & Gold, Oceans £40.00

Gold Line Scissors & Thinners – Diamond Ceramic Fusion, Loop, CP4, Dynasty, Saphir, Diamond Design, Diamond Day & Night, Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, S&V , Finesse & Convex Flex £40.00

Black Line Scissors & Thinners – Synergy, Euro-tech, Evolution & Kamiyu £40.00


Service & Sharpening Costs Tondeo 

Primo Scissors & Thinners – £40.00

A-Line Scissors & Thinners – £40.00

C-Line Scissors & Thinners – £40.00

E-Line Scissors & Thinners – £40.00

S-Line Scissors & Thinners – £40.00

P-Line Scissors & Thinners – £50.00