Ultraclean Pro Clips

Ultraclean Multi Colour

ultraclean pro clips multicolour packagaed


Ultraclean proclips multi (701118)


Ultraclean Proclips Silver

silver proclips


Ultraclean proclips silver (701119)


Ultraclean Proclips Black

proclips black

Ultraclean proclips black (701117)

Coloured Finger Inserts


Coloured Finger Inserts

5 Sets of colour finger inserts (606816)

Scissor Maintenence Kit

Accessories 002


Scissor Maintenence Kit

The kit contains:

Cleaning cloth

Oil pen


Finger inserts

Finger rest


Product Code (606820)

Jaguar Tool Belt

tool belt


Jaguar Tool Belt

Tool belt with detachable scissor holster (606812)

Water Spray Bottle


Water Spray

Aluminium Water Spray Bottle (601010)

Single Scissor

Single Scissors Puch

Single Scissor Case

Holds 1 pair of scissors

Black Single Scissor Case (601101)

Zipped Scissor Wallets


Zipped Scissor Wallets

Holds 2 Scissors

Red Zipped Scissor Wallet (606549)

Black Zipped Scissor Wallet (601000)

Lilac Zipped Scissor Wallet (606547)

Pink Zipped Scissor Wallet (606548)